Welcome to the office of Lincoln Weis


Profile:  A dedicated professional with over twenty five years of experience in leadership, strategic thinking, designing, managing and implementing projects as a landscape architect and arborist. Strategic thinking is grounded in a strong understanding of the complex relationship between the organization, individual and their environment. Through my experiences, I am able to bridge a sense of place into the urban fabric.   I am highly organized with extensive experience in the management of multiple personal and projects. My management skills include budgeting, meeting deadlines, and relationship building. With a broad knowledge of trees and strong design background, I am seeking to contribute my experience, skills and expertise with other like-minded entities and team members.

Experience: Since 1991, I have maintained a small business as a landscape architect and arborist.  My goals are to connect people with their natural environment.  I have worked for Trees Atlanta for the last 14 years, developing strategies, new business development, as well as the Operation Director overseeing building facilities, Urban Tree Program and the management of the Urban Forestry Crew..  I have also had the pleasure of working with several other landscape firms, designing and implementing projects throughout the Atlanta Metro Area.  I work with both large management companies and individual home owners helping them to implement projects that look great and meet budgetary needs. I enjoy the creation of small usable outdoor spaces that incorporate a wide variety of structural elements, garden sheds, intricate fence work that make people more connected with their exterior environment.


BACHELOR OF LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE March 1992 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia

STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM Summer/Fall, 1991 Cortona, Italy

Interest:  Compete in ultra-marathons, triathlons and cycling races, woodworking and furniture making, golf, traveling abroad, and photography

Lincoln Weis Resume

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